Pinehurst - Unit 11 - Doral Woods

Unit 11, also know as Doral Woods, is a charming community with many attractive attributes. Surrounded by the Pinehurst #1 Course, Doral Woods has only one entrance which really cuts down on traffic and makes it unique among the Pinehurst neighborhoods. This also makes walking and bike riding around the winding streets much safer and a real pleasure! There's easy access to Pinehurst Country Club via golf cart which is a great plus. This is a close knit neighborhood with a strong sense of community. During the year you can enjoy the neighborhood men's golf tournament on Saturdays, neighborhood men's breakfast monthly, neighborhood bridge for ladies, neighborhood spring barbecue and a neighborhood Christmas party.

Martha's Unit 11 - Doral Woods Listings


3 Beds  
2.5 Bathrooms 
Golf Front Home